Anya Summershy

Snow Elf Highwaywoman turned Explorer


Name: Anya
Race: Nyss
Archetype: Skilled
Careers: Highwayman / Explorer
Feat points: 3

Physique 5
Speed 6
Strength 5
Agility 5
Prowess 5
Poise 5
Intelligence 3
Perception 5 +1
DEF 15 Languages
15 w.o. Greatcoat Aeric
ARM 10 Khadoran
16 vs Cold Cygnaran
13 vs. blast & corrosion
10 vs. Fire and heat
5 w.o. Greatcoat Connections
Initiative 16 Mr Long
Willpower 8
Command Range 3

Traits & Abilities:

During the first round of an encounter, you gain boosted attack and damage rolls against enemies that have not yet activated that encounter.
Big Game Hunter
When you make a melee or ranged attack against a natural animal or beast, you gain a bonus on attack rolls equal to your Survival skill.
Fast Draw
+2 initiative and one additional quick action during first action that can only be used to draw a weapon
Fast Reload
You gain one extra quick action each turn that can be used only to reload a ranged weapon.
Virtuoso (Pistol)
When making a non- AOE attack with a Pistol, gain an additional die on attack and damage rolls. Discard the lowest die of each roll.
+1 on Initiative and Perception rolls.
+3 armor vs. cold
-3 armor vs. heat
You gain 25 gc every month
Port of Call
You can always find your way back to (choose a place)
Saddle Shot
You do not suffer the firing from horseback penalty when making ranged attacks while mounted.
You get an additional attack every activation
Tricorner Hat of Appeal
You get a +1 on Social skill rolls against one person in your front arc.
Two Weapon Fighting
While ghting with a one-handed weapon or pistol in each hand, the character gains an additional attack for the second weapon. He suffers –2 on attacks rolls with the second weapon while doing so.


You can spend 1 feat point during your turn to gain +3 DEF for one round..
You can can spend 1 feat point to boost both your attack and damage roll with the rapier.


Military Hand Weapon 1 6
Pistol 2 5
Occupational Animal Handling 1
Detection 2 7 +1
Etiquette 2
Intimidation 1
Medicine 1 4
Navigation 1 5
Negotiation 2
Riding 1 6
Survival 1 5
Seduction 2
Sneak 2


  • 53 gc
  • Mask, tri-corner hat, dress shirt & pants, riding boots
  • Ulk named Crystal Dancer and riding gear
  • Map case,
  • Spyglass (gives +2 to PER rolls related to spotting at distances)
  • Greatcoat
  • Alchemically Treated Greatcoat ( +3 ARM vs. blast, cold, fire or corrosion )
  • Hand Cannon + 17 shots & holster
  • Quad Iron + 16 shots & holster
  • Rapier
  • Springblade
  • Tricorner Hat of Charm
Weapon Range MAT POW DMG Notes
Rapier 6 2 7 special feat
Springblade 6 1 6
Weapon Range RAT POW Notes
Quad Iron 10 5 10 Can shoot four times
Hand Cannon 12 6 12

Wanderlust and a drive to see the rest of the world made Anya leave her People a few years before the Blight overtook them. For a time she amused herself as a Highwaywoman preying upon Khadorans. og fik charmeret en rigmand med hendes historier. Han ansatte hende som Explorer

Anya Summershy

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