Bosk Noktar


Name: Bosk Noktar
Race: Ogrun
Archetype: Mighty
Careers: Man-at-Arms/Solder


-spd 6 -prw 5 -arc
-str 8 -pio 3 -per 2
DEF 11/10 ARM 7/14/16 Initative 13
Willpower 10 Command range 4


MAT/RAT: POW+str/POW: effective range: extreme range: AOE: ammo: nots:
Axe, throwing 6 11 36 feet (6") 36 feet (6")
Flail, two-handed 7 14 Reach. Ignore ARM from bucklers and shields. On critical hit spend 1 feat point to push target 1" away and knock target down, then advance up to 1"
Nyss Claymore 7 14 spent 1 feat point to boost an attack roll
Shield 7 8 +1" ARM per level in shield skill


Military Skills Occupational Skills Languages
Light Artillery 1 Command 1 Cygnaran
Great Weapon 2 Detection 2 Molgur-Og
Shield 2 Driving 1 Rhulic
Thrown Weapon 1 Jumping 1
Medicine 1
Survival 2
Craft (metalworking) 2
Intimidation 2


Defensive Line:
While Bosk is B2B with one or more frindly characters, he gains +1 ARM. While Bosk is B2B with one or more frindly characters who also have this ability, the bonus increases to +2.
Feat: Back Swing:
Once per turn, Bosk can spend 1 feat point to gain one additional melee attack
Feat: Revitalize:
Bosk can spend 1 feat point during his turn to regain a number of vitality points equal to his PHY stat immediately. If Bosk suffers damage during his turn, the damage must be resolved before a character can use this feat. an incapacitated Bosk cannot use Revitalize.
Find Cover:
At the start of combat before initiative is rolled, Bosk can immediately advance up to twelve feet (2") and perform a quick action to take cover or go prone.
Huge Stature:
Bosk can wield a weapon in on hand that usually requires tow hands to wield, but he suffers -2 on attack rolls with that weapon.
Bosk gain an additional die on melee damage rolls.
Once per round when an enemy is placed in or moves into the line of sight of Bosk, he can immediately make one attack, targeting that enemy.
Shield Guard:
Once per turn when a friendly character is directly hit by an attack while within twelve feet (2") of Bosk, he can choose to be directly hit instead. Bosk cannot use Shield Guard if he is incorporeal, knocked down, prone, or stationary.
Specialization (Flail, two-handed):
Bosk does not suffer attack roll penalties when attacking with a Flail, two-handed


GC: 13
Tailored Plate

Bosk Noktar

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