Lieutenant G. Weatherwise

Stormsmith Officer


Name: Gale Weatherwise
Race: Human
Archetype: Intellectual
Careers: Military Officer / Stormsmith

Physique 5
Speed 7
Strength 4
Agility 4
Prowess 4
Poise 4
Intelligence 4
Perception 5
DEF 15 16 w.o. Armor Languages
ARM 10 5 w.o. Armor Cygnaran
Initiative 16 another
Willpower 8 Connections
Command Range 8 Cygnaran Military

Traits & Abilities:

Battle Plan: Call to Action
Spend 1 feat point as quick action, to make each friendly character in your command range, under your command and is knocked down, immediately stand up or go prone
Far: Unconventional Warfare
Gales is quick thinking enough to assess any situation, see every potential angle and outcome, and use the environment itself as a weapon. She can use he attacks to off-balance foes and send them careening off ledges or into nearby vats of molten metal, cause them to stumble over terrain features, hit their weak spots to knock them to the ground, or otherwise maneuver them into a position of weakness and jeopardy. Gale mest spend 1feat point to use this ability and explain to the Game Master how she is turning the environment against he enemy. The Game Master the determines the likely effect of Gales action or attack. Outcome include a boosted damage roll (see p. 197), knockdown, push, slam, or a fall from a height.
| God breeding
Hyper Perception
Your Perception rolls are Boosted.
You and friendly characters in command range listening to Your orders gets +1 on attack and damage rolls.
You have a refined mastery over electrical storm and can tailor the effects of his lightning strikes to your needs. When you make a Stormsmithing lightning strike skill roll, you can choose one of the following effects. Using a Maestro effect increases your target number for the lightning strike by +2.
*Ball lightning: on a direct hit, the lightning strike gains AOE 3.
*Big one: increases the POW of the lightning strike electrical damage roll to 13.
*Lightning generator: on a direct hit, lightning arcs from the target to d3 consecutive additional characters. The lightning arcs to the nearest character it has not already arced to within 24 feet (4") of the last character it arced to, ignoring you. each character the lightning arcs to suffers a POW 10 electrical damage roll.
Natural Leader
Your Command Range is increased by +2
Specialization (Stormcaller and Lightning Rod),
Your do not suffer attack roll penalties when attacking with a Lightning rod
Team Leader
You may give an earned Feat Point to another character in your command range instead of keeping it for yourself
Weather Vane
You have the uncanny ability to read atmospheric conditions, predict the weather and can tell if the weather is being artificially manipulated.
You can reroll failed Stormsmithing skill rolls. Each roll can only be rerolled once as a result of Weatherman.

Traits & Abilities from assets:

Immunity: Electricity
You are immune to Electricity when wearing Stormsmith armor


Military Great Weapon 2 6
Hand Weapon 1 5
Occupational Command 2
Cryptography 1 5
Etiquette 1
Mechanikal Engineering 1 5
Medicine 1 5
Navigation 1 6
Stormsmithing 2 7 boosted


  • 70gc
  • Dagger
  • Officers uniform
  • Pocket watch (with minute and hour arm)
  • Stormcaller and Lightning Rod:
    • Weather Manipulation
    • Lightning Strikes
  • Stormsmith armor
  • wedding ring
Weapon Range MAT POW DMG AOE Notes
Dagger 7 1 5
Lightning Rod reach 7 3 9
Lightning Strike 10 7 10 Boosted rolls to hit
- Ball Lightning 3
- Big One 13
- Lightning generator arcs d3 times

After losing her father ”Sir Casper Raspan” in the Sul-Caspia war, Gale joined the Cygnarian army to avoid having her family thrown at the gate by baron XXX whom her father had served as a knight. She was soon appointed an officers candidate and when her ability to predict the weather was noted, she was transferred to Stormsmiths and the Royal academy, where she met Lord Thomas Weatherwise (of north Steel Water) whom she, after a prolonged affair, married, only to receive orders to deploy to the front three days later. Gale is now on her way home after her first rotation.

Lieutenant G. Weatherwise

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