Gruhnn Thunderstone

Rhulic mercenary gunmage


Race: Dwarf
Archetype: Gifted
Careers: Gun Mage / Man-at-Arms

Physique 7
Speed 5
Strength 5
Agility 4
Prowess 4
Poise 4
Intellect 4
Arcana 4
Perception 4
DEF 13 12 w.o. armor Languages
ARM 16 7 w.o. armor Rhulic
Initiative 13 Cygnaran
Willpower: 11 Connections
Command range 5 Your Clan
Control Range 8
Feat Points 3

Traits & Abilities:

Craft Rune Shot
You can make your own Rune Shot Bullets
Defensive Line
While B2B with one or more friendly characters, you gain +1 ARM. While B2B with one or more friendly characters who also have this ability, the bonus increases to +2.
Fast Reload
You gain one extra quick action each turn that can be used only to reload a ranged weapon.
Load Bearing
Reduce the SPD and DEF penalties from the armor you wear each by 1.
Magic Sensitivity
You can automatically sense when another character casts a spell within one hundred and fifty feet. You can tune out this detection as background noise but are aware of particularly powerful magic.
Shield Guard
Once per turn, when a friendly character is directly hit by an attack while within 2 ̋, you can choose to be directly hit instead. You cannot use Shield Guard if you’re incorporeal, knocked down, prone, or stationary.
Arcantrik Shield
While your shield has power, you are immune to continuous effects and you cannot be knocked down.
Arcantrik Scope
The scope functions as a normal rifle scope (see p. 273). While the scope has power, when a character armed with a weapon with an arcantrik scope forfeits his movement to aim with the weapon, the character ignores stealth that turn.
Military Great Weapon 1 5
Pistol 2 6
Shield 2 6
Occupational Command 1 5
Detection 2 6
Intimidation 2 7
Gambling 2 5
Craft – metalworking 2 6
Lore – Arcana 2 6
Jumping 1 8


  • 30 gc
  • Magelock Rifle
  • 10 pre-made Rune shots
  • Rune Shot Casting Kit
    • raw materials for 15 more rune shots
  • Infantry Armor
  • Shield
  • Arcantrik Shield
    • Aegis Rune Plate
    • Steady Rune Plate
    • Alchemical capacitor
  • Bayonet/Gunblade
  • Blunderbuss
Weapon range MAT POW DMG notes
Shield 5 0 5 improves ARM by Shield skill
Gunblade 5 3 8 Reach
Blunderbuss 8 5 12
w. shield 8 4 12
Magelock Rifle 14 6 10 Magical weapon
w. shield 14 4 10
Magelock Carbine 10 6 10 Magical weapon
w. shield 10 6 10
Accurate Boosted attack roll
Brutal Boosted damage roll
Thunderbolt Target is pushed 1d3", Crit: target is also knocked down
Petrify Target is stationary for one round, but also recieves +2 arm.
Spell Cracker upkeep spells on the target immediately expire.
Snipe Target characters ranged weapons gain +4 range.


  • Rune Shot: Accuracy (cost 1)
  • Rune Shot: Brutal (cost 1)
  • Rune Shot: Thunderbolt (cost 1)
  • Rune Shot: Petrify (cost 3)
  • Rune Shot: Spell Cracker (cost 3)
  • Spell: Snipe (cost 2, upkeep 1)

Gruhnn Thunderstone

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