Magnus the Traitor


MAT High
RAT Average
DEF High
ARM Very High
FOCUS Average
WJ Points High

Feat – Hit & Run

Weapons and Attacks
Scattergun –
Foecleaver – Foecleaver is not particularly powerful, but provides Magnus with a very focus-efficient weapon.

  • Powerful Attack – When this model declares an attack, it can spend 1 focus/fury to boost all attack and damage rolls made for that attack.
  • Magical Weapon – This weapon can damage incorporeal models.
    Mechanikal Arm
  • Knockdown – Models hit are knocked down. Knocked down models have their DEF reduced and can’t really do anything at all until they stand up.

Special Abilities
Warcaster – .
Mercenary – Magnus will work for Cryx, Khador, and the Protectorate.
Backstab – This model rolls an additional die when making back strikes.
Feign Death – While this model is knocked down it cannot be targeted by ranged or magic attacks.
Resourceful – This model can upkeep spells on models in its battlegroup without spending Focus/Fury.

Arcantrik Bolt –
Blur –
Iron Aggression – This upkeep spell allows a friendly warjack to run, charge, and make slam/trample power attacks for free. All of its melee attack rolls are boosted as well.
Obliteration – An expensive AOE offensive spell with a moderately high range and POW.
Snipe – An upkeep spell that grants target friendly model/unit a good RNG boost.
Temper Metal – Upkeep spell. Target friendly warjack gains +2 ARM and becomes immune to continuous effects.


Magnus the Traitor

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