Vasily Igorov

Wanted man a.k.a. the Volningrad Strangler


Was a skilled potter by profession.
Known to be immensely strong for his size, almost like an ogrun or a trollkin.
Committed his murders in irregular but periodic bursts.


Known to have committed at least 20 murders by strangulation, suspected of up to 70 (including 4 jailers during his escape from Volningrad.)

May have been a random serial killer, but there are implications of connections to organized crime in Khador. Also suspected of being a secret Thamarite. Was caught due to drunken and disorderly behaviour, shortly after murdering his last known civilian victim.

Believed to have travelled from Khador to Llael, but Llaelese authorities never caught him. Last reported travelling to Leryn 5 years ago, before the Invasion. There have been no confirmed murders in Llael attributable to him.

There is a considerable bounty on him, alive or dead.

  • Khador will pay extremely well for him, if he’s alive.
  • Cygnar and Free Llael are mostly just interested in ensuring that he’s taken care of.

This is a very rare case of someone all three nations unanimously agree should be dealt with, and their respective law enforcement forces actually cooperated on this case.

Vasily Igorov

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