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Part 1 – Ferocity Rail

Our heroes are passengers aboard The Indomitable, traveling from free Llael to Caspia, capital city of Cygnar.
The journey will take them from Rhydden to the last railway depot before the wilderness, through the mystery-ridden Glimmerwood, and across the plains parallel with the Black River to Corvis the City of Souls. With the enemy only just across the river in the Thornwood, bandits, savages and monsters roaming the wastes, The Indomitable will stop as rarely as possible. With the rails through the Thornwood now under Khadoran control, you will use the less frequented tracks through the swampy Widowers Wood on the approach to Corvis.
The other passengers are mostly Llaelese refugees – rich and poor alike, noble and common – and returning war-heroes, both alive and fallen, as well as a handful of mercenaries. There is little cargo beyond what luggage the passengers have brought with them, and those aforementioned fallen heroes, but an item of great import to the future of Cygnar is secretly being carried by one of the heroes.
From Corvis the train will make its way south through Cygnar, stopping more often once safely behind the front lines.

Part 2 – Beyond Wyrmwall

Part 3 – The River Warrior

Main Page

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