The Indomitable

Welcome aboard The Indomitable.

Probably the most powerful, enduring and reliable, yet elegant trains in Free Immoren.


The engine itself is a headstrong and nigh-unstoppable steamjack, only with wheels instead of legs, and running on rails instead of the open ground. Driven and Marshalled by an expert crew of Mechaniks and Oilers, it is controlled by an experienced Ferrum-grade Cortex with a capable and determined personality imprint.
The massive and intricate steam turbine provides both motive power, and supplies Arcantrik energy for the trains many comforts and amenities: lighting, hot water taps, heating and cooling as the seasons demand, as well as up to three kitchens. Only two kitchens are operating on your current journey.

The standard (peace-time) loadout for The Indomitable to pull is 20 carriages, but on this particular journey 23 carriages are hooked up. Have no fear, this will not impede your journey however, as The Indomitable can easily pull 30 or 40 carriages.

The Indomitable itself the engine that Can
The fuel tender without which the Indomitable couldn’t
Secure Luggage Carriage safer than most bank vaults.
The Aurum carriage first class cabins
The Salon carriage first class dining car and kitchen
The Arcanum carriage first class cabins
l’Oisillon Vilain an extra first class carriage
G car a staff car
Passenger Carriage H Second class cabins
Passenger Carriage I Second class cabins
Passenger Carriage L Second class cabins
Dining Car “J” Second class dining and kitchen
M Car a staff car
Car # 13 third class accommodations
O Car third class accommodations
P Car third class accommodations
Q Car passenger ‘luggage’ is stored here
Stowage # 17 passenger luggage is stored here
Cargo car R the stable car
Cargo car T
flatbed X boasts a defensive warjack
The Caboose keeps the Indomitable in check

The Indomitable

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