Magnus the Traitor

Torturer Magnus. Magnus the Warlord.

Magnus the Patriot? Lord Commander Magnus?

Asheth Bloody Magnus!

That one-armed, one-eyed maniac was a loyal warcaster and officer back when mad old Vinter was king – back when everyone, even the Protectorate, was still scared of Cygnar. After the Lion’s Coup he kept murdering and torturing like he had before, and was demoted over and over. Then he went renegade, rogue, mercenary – built himself a secret personal army and became the single worst thorn in everybody’s side for years…

Now he’s come back, and he’s brought a new and “better” heir to Cygnars throne, one even King Leto is willing to abdicate in favour of. So unless someone gets in his way, that monster is going to become the closest most trusted advisor to the young and inexperienced King of Cygnar.

Mister Long intends to get in Magnus’ way, and he’s hired an explorer to bring him something that’ll help, and she has just boarded the train now.

Maniac Magnus: Beyond Wyrmwall

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