Hired killer and saboteur


Name: Takagganatakatol “Kaggan”
Race: Gobber
Archetype: Intellectual
Careers: Alchemist / Cutthroat

Physique 4
Speed 6
Strength 3
Agility 4
Prowess 5
Poise 5
Intellect 4
Perception 4
DEF 14 15 w.o. Alchemist Leather Languages
ARM 9 4 w.o. Alchemist Leather Gobberish
12 vs. blast, cold, fire or corrosion Cygnaran
Initiative 15
Willpower: 8 Connections
Command range 4
Feat Points 3

Traits & Abilities:

Anatomical Precision
If your attack doesn’t penetrate armor you still do 1d3 damage
You get +1 die damage on back strikes
Your AGL rolls are boosted
Free Style
You can improvise some alchemical ingredients. Making do without a specific ingredient requires an Alchemy skill roll vs. 10 plus the gc value of the ingredient. This also allows you to reduce the cost of alchemical compounds by 1 gc each (min. 1 gc).
You get an additional quick action for pulling the pin on grenades
+1 to hit and damage
Poison Resistance
You get boosted rolls to resist poisons and toxins.
You gain stealth (p. 220) while within terrain that provides concealment; the AOE of a spell that provides concealment; or the AOE of a cloud effect.
Small stature
+1 DEF, and you can’t use Great Weapons or Rifles.
Fire in the hole


Unconventional Warfare
Spend 1 feat point to use this ability and explain how you are turning the environment against your enemy. The Game Master then determines the likely effect of the action or attack. Outcomes include a boosted damage roll, knockdown, push, slam, or a fall from a height
Military Thrown Weapon 2 7
Hand Weapon 2 7
Occupational Alchemy 2 6
Intimidation 2
Medicine 2 5
Sneak 2 6
Streetwise 1 5


  • 622 gc
  • Alchemist’s leather, (+3 ARM against blast, cold, corrosion, and fire damage. Because this armor integrates a gas mask, a character wearing it is also immune to gas effects but suffers –1 on sight or hearing-based PER rolls.)
  • gas mask,
  • traveling alchemist’s kit,
  • any five alchemical grenades,
  • grenadier’s bandoleer (room for 6 grenades, no quick action needed to draw)
  • Assassin’s blade
  • Alchemical Potions:
    • 2 Alchemical Restorative (Stop death instead of medicine checks)
    • 2 Healing Liniment (helps people heal faster)
Weapon range MAT POW DMG notes
Assassins Blade 6 4 8 if dmg < ARM cause 1d3
Back strike 8 10 +1 die dmg
range RAT notes
Grenade 8 7 DMG and effects vary by type
Grenade type AoE POW Effect
Concussion 3 0 knock down
Explosive 3 12
Smoke 3 0 cloud effect
Strangle gas 3 0 cloud effect & -2 DEF -2 attack
Fear gas 5 0 Willpower check vs. 14 to avoid Terror
Acid 3 12 Corrosion continuous effect
Fire 3 12 Fire continuous effect
Knockout 3 0 Willpower check vs. 16 or fall asleep
Rust agent 3 0 all targets with metal armor get -2 ARM

Your alchemical ingredients are on the Alchemy page.

Experience points 25
Skill Points 4
Stat points 0
abilities / Military skill points 1
archetype benefits 0

Sarlos Ellowuyr, an Ios elf, is grounded and logical but fond of Kaggan´s crazyness surely because Sarlos has been used to him for most of his life.
They are brothers-in-arms, but their respective carriers have taken them down different paths of life.They try to stay in touch and they meet occationally when the oppotunity presents itself.

Kaggan´s father Gek disowned his son and cast him out of the family and told him not to return, following Kaggan´s destruction of his fathers greatest achievement in construction.
It is unknown if Gek is actively seeking to punish or revenge on Kaggan or if the consequences simply will be dire should Kaggan choose to return home.

Kaggan´s mother Kat wishes no ill towards her son, and wants him to be free to return home, but she dares not defy Gek´s will.
She misses Kaggan but wants him to do well, and explore so long as that is his own will and not because of Gek´s exile of Kaggan.


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