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Maniac Magnus

Part 2 – Beyond Wyrmwall

Our heroes have been tasked by Mister Long to investigate the activities of a company of mercenaries, who have established martial law on the authority of Lord Commander Magnus, in the remote mountain town of Ironstone, deep in the Wyrmwall mountains.

When our heroes’ train passed through the mysterious and prophetic Glimmerwood, the courageous and brilliant Lieutenant Weatherwise experienced a disturbing dream-vision: despite being a child and later lady of those same Wyrmwall Mountains, she beheld a strange valley and unfamiliar peaks, and felt a great alien chill, as of a dread and mighty wind which she had no power to control. She did not share this vision with her compatriots, but perhaps it portends as ill for them as it did for her…

Ironstone Valley holds secrets both old and new, and while our heroes strive to discover if Magnus’ plots are for good or ill for the nation of Cygnar and its allies, a scholar of great mysteries has joined their investigations. And they are aided by another, most unlikely, agent of Mr Long.

Main Page

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